Sky Dancer – Film by Katja Essen

I’m so excited to learn about this documentary film, which is coming to the Brooklyn Film Festival in early June.   I just ordered my ticket to see it.

Based on what I saw in the trailer, Katja Essen’s Sky Dancer actually follows a Mohawk ironworker way up on to the steel frame of a high rise building that is being raised in New York City.

I don’t handle heights very well and I did a bit of panicking while watching the trailer.  But I have such an intense interest in construction and a respect and affinity for Mohawk culture, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the film.

I love the image above too.  So beautifully done.  (Artwork by Verena Brandt)

Katja Essen’s Sky Dancer

Brooklyn Film Festival

Trailer and Details of Sky Dancer at the Brooklyn Film Festival

Katja Essen’s Site

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